SPM: 4 types of parents' reaction

SPM results are out!

By Huzraifah Atikah

SPM results are finally out, Yeay!

Congratulations to all candidates of #SPM2018. 

Well, it wasn’t that bad right? 

But you know what’s harder than the exam itself?

Having to show your results to your parents, especially when you have a typical Asian ‘tiger parents’. *gulpp*

Tiger parents may sound funny to you when you have cool parents but the reality is, there are some cases of kids attempting suicide because of their parents’ reaction over their results. 

But let's not get too serious about this today because it is stressful enough to look at the results. *pheww*

However, it’s clear that many candidates are actually more worried about their parents’ reaction more than the results itself. 

In the meantime, all your other busybody relatives especially the ‘makcik bawangs’ in the family WhatsApp will be like.

On the other hand, many #SPM2018 students are probably feeling like this right now.

Students of #SPM2018, to make you feel a lot better, remember you’re not alone. There are more than 400,000 others in a similar situation and are probably scared for the same reason.

Many are scared that their results won't be good enough and will disappoint their parents. 

But no matter what you may feel right now and whatever results you got, let's try to stay calm and chill by thinking of these typical types of parents.

So, YC thinks there are four types of parents’ reaction towards their children SPM results:

1. The tiger parents


This type of parents will disown you if you get a B because B is considered as failure. 

Yup! This type of parents really exists

They are super strict and have high expectations towards their kids' results. 

If you have this type of parents, pray hard that their hearts will be softened to accept whatever results you got.

But everything will be alright. So do not worry much and be stressed out.

2. The cool parents

Well, this is one of the examples of having the coolest parents.


This type of parents are very cool and sporting with whatever you want to do in your life. 

Kids can easily discuss and negotiate with them as it is often a win-win situation for both parties. 

So with this type of parents, even if you get bad grades, it will not affect your relationship with them. 

However, some cool parents are not always that cool because you may not know when you will trigger their anger button because after all parents are still humans.  

So you still need to be careful with them sometimes. Just don't push it!

3. The one that will love you no matter what happens

This is the type of parent all of us wish for!


As much as the cool parent is considered as the best parents to have, you will be so glad if you have this type of parents instead. 

Because, while many are afraid of their parents’ reaction, these parents will always love their kids no matter what. 

This type of parents are very supportive and gentle to their kids. 

So, whatever grades you get for SPM, you will still be loved. 

4. The one that does not bother at all

This type of parents is the worse one because, in all honesty, nobody wants to have parents who do not care about them at all. 

These parents are the one who doesn't even know that today is the day their kids will be getting their SPM results.

These parents also don't really know what's going on with their kids' life, whether they do good in school or otherwise.

However, don't be upset if you think your parents are too busy for you or just simply don't care about you. 

Remember that there are still people who care about you and are proud that you finally finished secondary school. 

But what's more important is that you love yourself and be proud you manage to finish school. 

Well, YC wants to once again congratulate all #SPM2018 students for finally finishing secondary school, regardless of your results.

Keep in mind that whether you cried in joy or sadness looking at your result, just be thankful. 

For those who are really upset about your SPM result, don’t be stressed too much. Look at your options.

It is not the end of your life. After all, you still have a long way to go, there’ll be plenty of chances for you to do your best in the future.