Social stigma the reason this unmarried woman died self-delivering baby at home?

A woman in India was found dead with her infant in a pool of blood

By Huzraifah Atikah

Social stigma is a dangerous thing and could lead to drastic consequences.

As you know, there are many types of social stigmas and it usually relates to culture, gender, and race. 

Recently, an unmarried woman that got pregnant opted to keep her baby, instead of getting an abortion.

Wanting to avoid the social stigma of being a single mother in a country like India, she decided to deliver the baby herself.

So, the 26-year-old in Gorakhpur, India tried to deliver her baby by watching Youtube video clips. 

Sadly, things did not work out as planned and both, mother and baby were later found dead.

A police officer named Ravi Rai said the reason behind the woman's self-delivery attempt was likely because of the social stigma attached to being an unmarried mother.

Rai said the woman was living by herself in her rented room for four days when it happened.

It was believed that the woman had reached her full-term pregnancy and was ready to deliver her baby. 

However, instead of going to the hospital, she tried to deliver her baby alone in the room she had rented. 

Rai said it seems like she started streaming videos on her smartphone, such as ‘how to deliver a baby by self’ and other similar ‘safe delivery processes’ on YouTube when she was about to deliver.  

It was not clear whether the baby boy was alive when born or otherwise.

A pair of scissors, a blade, and some thread were found near the woman’s body.

Rai said the woman’s neighbours informed her landlord about blood flowing out of her room on March 11.

“That is when the landlord named Ravi Upadhyay broke open the door and found the woman and a newborn baby boy lying dead,” said Rai. 

He immediately informed the police.

Unmarried women in India often face shame and social exclusion over pregnancies and are unable to seek help from doctors for fear of exposure in the conservative country.

May the woman and her baby RIP.