Triangle dance taking over social media?

Triangle Dance replaced Kiki Dance

By Syafiqah Azman

If you remember Kiki Dance? Well, now it seems like it just got replaced with another craze - triangle dance. Unlike Kiki Dance, the Triangle dance involves three people and is some sort a trio dance.

People all over the world are sharing their videos where three people stand in a triangle formation, hold onto each other’s shoulders and take turns jumping in the middle of one another.

Well, you need to practice a couple of times to avoid bumping into each other of course! This is probably one of the hardest dances since you need to coordinate well with your other two friends. 

“Combining teamwork, cardio and crossing the midline, and incredible FUN!,” tweeted one Twitter user. 

He also said that this dance has it all and was an awesome instant activity. 

I guess you never know until you actually try it! So, why don't you and your friends jump on the bandwagon and try to show us  your own triangle dance! Share it with us - hashtag #TriangleDance