10 individuals arrested for playing PUBG

PUBG is so addictive to some people - Pix from Google

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Some countries have since decided to take legal action over the addiction to mobile games such as PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG.

The Indian police apparently arrested 10 individuals on Mar 13 for playing PUBG.

The addictive popular smartphone game has been described by one of the ministers as a ‘demon in every house’.

The game was actually banned last week by the Indian state of Gujarat where local authorities worried about its impact on the behavior, conduct and language of those playing it.

"Due to these games, the education of children and youth are being affected and it affects the behaviour, manners, speech and development of the youth and children," an order by local police said.

Out of the 10 individuals, six of them were undergraduates and were arrested by police near a college.

The six students were released on bail with a warning later the same day.

Rajkot police spokesman Rohit Raval said the PUBG application has caused extreme addiction among the community.

"As they were busy playing PUBG, the accused did not immediately realise the presence of police," Rohit said as reported by The Indian Express.

All the individual's smartphones were seized for investigation purposes.

PUBG was created by South Korean firm Bluehole Inc.

The game is free to download and is a popular online battle game, where millions of online players battle to the death. 

Besides PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends have also developed a huge phenomenon within the society.

However, the authorities in Gujarat have not banned other online games.

China has also banned PUBG and Fortnite all over the country for promoting incorrect values to society.

Many concerns and worries have been raised over the addiction of PUBG to some.

Previously, Youth Connect reported a few cases linked to the obsession of PUBG.

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