Mufti wants PUBG banned, Syed Saddiq disagrees

Negeri Sembilan said PUBG should not be included in E-Sport

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

We cannot deny the fact that the many youngsters now play one of the most popular online game  PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG).

Whether it is at home, in the car, on the train or even at work, they can always have access to the game on their PCs or mobile phones.

However, Negeri Sembilan Mufti Datuk Mohd Yusof Ahmad has called for the ban of the game citing it could be one of the reasons for the increasingly violent behaviour among the youths.  

He also thinks that the game should be banned as it propelled youths towards terrorism and eroded compassion for others. 

“I believe this game was purposely planned to be like this for a long time,” he said.

“The goal is to shape the minds of the younger generation to enjoy war, to fight and indulge in vicious activities," he said. 

His statement comes in the wake of the mosques shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand where at least 50 people were killed.

Armed with assault rifles, the terrorist posted hate messages about immigrants on Facebook and Twitter before strapping a video cam to livestream the heinous act on Facebook. 

He was mimicking a First Person Shooter video game that gives the gamer's point of view similar to PUBG.

The Mufti also urged the government to urgently consider banning PUBG, claiming the game gave the impression that it was okay to shoot and kill.

He added that the game should not be included in e-sports tournaments.

“If we are to remove the death penalty and if getting weapons without a license becomes easier, imagine the consequences,” he added.

Meanwhile Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said any online games, including PUBG, should not be linked to elements of violence as what happened in Christchurch.

“Believe me, whether or not there are online games with elements of shooting, if people already have extremist views...they will commit violence.

“We must give respect to the victims. Does this mean that we must ban all the games because they have some similarities to the shooting incident? I feel that there's more to the Christchurch incident," he added. 

A few days ago, Gujarat became the first state in India to ban the PUBG game after it sparked concerns among parents who viewed the game as a bad influence due to its violent nature.

How many people play PUBG?

Back in July 2018, PUBG Corp announced they had hit the 400 million total players mark. 

So PUBG players, do you agree with the Mufti's idea?

Does PUBG gives influence you badly?