Indonesian maid flees after three days. Leaves baby home alone

Image from Facebook

By YC Reader

We have all heard horror stories about maids and how some have disappeared while their employers were out.

Leaving with valuables is probably something we can live with, but leaving a baby home alone ... certainly not something acceptable.

In a latest incident, Facebook users, Liz Muhammad claims her Indonesian maid, who was with her for only three days went missing with several valuables.

Apparently, about 10am, Liz called home and was surprised when all the calls went unattended.

She then called her neighbour for help and they informed the security guards.

The guards then went to the apartment and found the door open and the place in a mess.

To make things worse, Liz's baby was left unattended and crying when they arrived.

Liz rushed home and about noon, she got home and took her baby to safety.

Among the items the maid escaped with include an iPad Mini 2; 2 Samasung Galaxy J Prime mobile phones; 3 Tissot watches and 2 G Shock watches.

Liz has since lodged a report and based on CCTV footage, the maid was seen leaving with a purple luggage bag.

It would be acceptable to steal things, but to leave the baby in that state.

This maid should be nabbed and charged for attempted murder.

We always hear about the authorities speaking of better protection for maids, but what about the employers?

We are not always on the winning side you know.