Patient dies while waiting for ambulance to finally get to hospital

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

 What if this happened to someone you love?

A Facebook user last Friday, who is the daughter of a senior citizen is demanding for answers over why an ambulance did not follow the set SOP during an emergency.

According to Fung Ying, her 66-year-old father, Lai Kim could still be alive today if not for the delay in the ambulance reaching the hospital.

Apparently, the ambulance, with her ill father insider, went to a Petronas station in Siburan to refuel and there met with a minor accident.

Following the incident at the station at Batu 18 of the Jalan Kuching - Serian stretch, the ambulance then went to a police station to make a report!

It was only after all this that the ambulance with the patient still inside went to the Serian Hospital.

The patient, who was earlier treated at the Siburan Health Clinic was refered to Serian Hospital about 9.30am.

Fung Ying wrote:

"Both the medical assistant and driver went into the police station to make the report, leaving my dad, mum and younger brother waiting inside the ambulance.

"Suddenly, my mum found that my dad showed no response.

"She touched his forehead and realised his forehead was becoming cold. She quickly asked my younger brother to call and seek help from the medical assistant, who then performed nearly 15 minutes of CPR on my dad. Unfortunately, my dad could not make it and passed away at around 11am."

"Problem is, I still cannot understand that, if a patient is suffering an extraordinary stomachache and had abnormal heart rate, it is an emergency case right? Why does an emergency SOP was not carried out at that moment?? Shouldn't it be carried out? Even steadily and slowly going to fuel up the ambulance with a extremely ill patient inside?? An ambulance driver is responsible to make sure the ambulance has more than half tanks of fuel at any time to cater and standby for emergency case, isn't it? This is the first time in my life, hearing that an ambulance went to fuel up the vehicle with a very ill patient inside.

Or is it my father's situation was not "urgent enough" to use the emergency SOP? It has been 4 days since my dad left us, I am still overwhelmed by sadness and regret. If the ambulance did not go to the petrol station, my dad should be alive right now? 

I feel that my dad was wronged and treated unfairly. He is trying hardly to make it when he said to my mum "we would have reach the hospital if not due to the accident". However, his time was being proscratinated. In a few hours only, my dad was gone. Though we are so frustated and helpless, we need to accept the fact that my dad was gone forever. Till now, there is no any solid reason given, what we receive was just a "SORRY".

Both my dad and mum are farmers, my mum does not know what is the proper way to obtain a reasonable explanation. Thus, as a daughter, on behalf of my family, I now demand and ask for a REASONABLE AND SOLID EXPLANATION for my father's death!! Those who was against the correct SOP should be charged and punished fairly! I don't know whether there are similar incident and victim which were not reported, but I wouldn't want anyone to be the next victim.

If the victim is someone u love i.e family and friends, how do u feel, what will you do? It's a human life, it should't belittled and treated such way. Hence, I hope and seek fair explanation from the person or government department in charge!

Thus, whoever read this post, please lend me a hand to share this out to prevent such ridiculous incident from happening again in the future!!

According to reports in Borneo Post, the Sarawak Health Department is now investigating the case.

Its director, Dr Jamilah Hashim said they will also be arranging a meeting with the family concerned.