Of fake dentist, braces and veneer

Get your teeth fixed by a proper dentist!

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

The high cost braces is forcing some to choose a cheaper but more riskier alternative. 

To capitalise on the demand, these so called "dentist" are offering their services at much lower prices and many unsuspecting people have fallen victim to them.   

You see, cheap things do not always mean good. Sometimes, the items can be fake and it can turn into a disaster.

Just like what happened to a girl from Johor, who recently suffered from swollen lips and high fever after just one week of wearing braces.

M'sian Gets Cheap & Fake Braces, Suffers From Swollen Lips, High Fever & Bed Ridden For 3 Days - WORLD OF BUZZ

According to a post that went viral on Facebook, the girl said she wanted to get herself braces as many of her friends and colleagues were wearing them.

Some people are wearing the braces just to follow a trend. It's kind of cool for some people if you wear braces even though you do not need them.

We cannot deny the fact that getting braces is expensive! So this girl searched for a cheaper alternative.

She finally found a so-called-dentist, who was offering to do her braces for only RM190.

Without thinking much, she agreed to the 'dentist' proposal and had her braces fixed at her own home.

Unfortunately, her lips started swelling and it was filled with pus.

She also suffered from high fever and was bedridden for three days.

After informing her “dentist” about her condition, he simply told her that it was normal and that she didn’t need to worry about it.

Yeah, right. How is that considered normal? 

M'sian Gets Cheap & Fake Braces, Suffers From Swollen Lips, High Fever & Bed Ridden For 3 Days - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

The woman then went to a clinic for a check.

The results came back and showed several bacterial infections that were caused by her fake braces. She had to be admitted in hospital for two days.

She then went to a licensed orthodontist to get them removed and was charged RM650.

Fake veneers is another trending dental stuff now. 

Dental veneers are used to help you achieve the look you desire.

They are a popular choice for those with chipped teeth, gaps between teeth or misshaped tooth.

Dental veneers are thin covers that adhere to teeth to give it a more classically shaped look. 

Same as braces, a veneer is also expensive.

Some irresponsible people have taken advantage of this to offer fake veneer services which are way cheaper. 

A dentist Adam Ghazali twitted on the dangers of fake veneers.

How to spot a fake dentist?

Readers are advised not to trust any organisation that offers cheap services. 

They might be cheap... but imagine how much you need to spend just to fix the damage of cheap and fake things?

If you would like to get braces or veneer, do get it from a licensed and reputable orthodontist.

Safety first guys!