Grab is now charging passengers for cancelling rides

Grab introduced new cancellation fee policy. - Pix from Google

By Huzraifah Atikah

Grab Malaysia's move to charge cancellation fees from March 25 onwards has received brickbats from many users saying the move is lopsided in favour of drivers.

According to Grab, passengers will be charged if they cancel their ride after 5 minutes, starting from the time they booked. 

Grab said its drivers can also reject a booking after waiting for more than 5 minutes but the cancellation fee will be charged to the passenger's account. 

However, the cancellation fee will be waived if a driver does not arrive within 10 minutes after the first-shown estimated time of arrival.

For example, when a passenger is allocated a driver who is three minutes away. But when the passenger has waited for more than 13 minutes, the cancellation fee will be waived. 

Grab also assured that it had measures in place to detect if a driver was not moving towards the customer, so that no false cancellation fee will be charged to passengers.

Passengers who are on GrabPay, the cancellation fee will be deducted directly from GrabPay credit balance or credit/debit card. The cancellation fee will be added automatically to the next ride fare for passengers who are paying by cash. 

Grab said the new policy would affect less than 1% of bookings.

This is the cancellation fee:

Grab said the new policy was to protect its drivers’ earnings and to reduce cancellations by passengers. It had also told its drivers that they should not confront the passengers if they refuse to pay the fee, instead just report it to customer service.

However, the move has angered many Malaysians based on their comments on social media: