3 incredible teachers walk 3 hours to persuade student to return to school

The three incredible teachers are Tay Oi Leng, Jeffery Joseph and Zeabenia Mositol

By Huzraifah Atikah

Teachers are the backbone of education and they are also like second parents to students. 

It is not easy to be a teacher because they need to have strong dedication and patience towards students.

Like in this story, some teachers are surely irreplaceable. 

Recently in a remote school in Penampang, Sabah, three teachers reportedly took three hours to walk 12km to a student’s house just to persuade him to return to school.

The three teachers named Tay Oi Leng, Jeffery Joseph and Zeabenia Mositol went to the student’s house after he was absent for three weeks. 

“It was the second attempt by the school staff to persuade the boy to come back to school." said the SK Buayan headmaster Matius Kusop.

Matius said that during their first visit, the teachers went to his home in Kampung Pongobonon but they only managed to meet his parents while the Std 4 boy was nowhere to be seen.

Initially the boy did not go to school because he was having pain on his feet but they later found out from his father that the boy had recovered but still refused to return to school.

Matius said the student’s elder brother quit school when he was in Std 6 because of the time taken to go to the school daily.

“Students no longer need to worry much about traveling to school or have no money for meals because the school now has a hostel and teachers are looking after them, and they are also provided free meals."

However even during the second visit, both the parents and the teachers were not successful in persuading the boy to return to school.

He even clung on to his mother’s clothes until it was torn when a teacher tried to pull him from his mother.

“The boy is a quiet student and he is doing well in his studies. It will be a waste if he gives up," Matius added. 

For three consecutive years, the school has achieved 100% pass rate for the UPSR examinations.

These teachers’ effort is incredible and commendable. 

Well, this is the kind of teachers anyone would wish to have. 

YC hopes the teachers will not give up on this boy and that he will return to school soon.