Woman almost raped by naked man hiding under the bed

The victim was still in shocked for what happened

By Huzraifah Atikah

It seems like there are so many psychotic criminals these days!

So women, if you are living alone, make sure to check your surroundings from time to time to make sure you are not being followed. 

Recently,  a 22-year-old woman in Thailand, who work as a waitress, was shocked to find a naked man hiding under her bed when she came home late after her night shift ended.

According to Coconuts Bangkok news website, the incident happened when the woman just reached home at about 4am and noticed that her house lights were not working.

She was trying to turn on the bedroom lights when a man suddenly came out from under her bed and grabbed her. 

She was shocked but started fighting back while screaming for help. Although it was dark, the woman said the suspect was around 170cm tall, was naked, and holding a six-inch kitchen knife. 

Due to her screams, the suspect panicked and quickly fled the place, leaving behind his belongings including the kitchen knife.

Police said the victim had been targeted by the suspect for sometime before making the move to attack her. They also found three methamphetamine tablets in the suspect's pants pocket.

They also found a rope near the victim's bed, presumably to tie up the woman.

Luckily the woman was only left with a cut on her left cheek and suffered mild head trauma.

She is now under police protection as the suspect is yet to be caught.

What a crazy situation! Girls, stay alert of your surroundings and be safe.