Is it funny or just disrespectful?

Shoe prank

By Syafiqah Azman

Recently, a video went viral when a Malaysian social media influencer Harvinth Skin fooled a salesman. The video has since gone viral worldwide.

The 45-second video was shared in his social media where he tricked the salesman in JD Sports store in Pavillion Elite, Kuala Lumpur.

He is seen trying on a new pair of shoes and suddenly sprinted out of the shop with the salesman frantically chasing after him.

The post caught JD Sports Malaysia CEO Jason Lim’s attention who commented on Harvinth's Instagram.

"Stop scaring the staff and I think I need to have a word with my security guards."

Netizens have been debating about this with some saying that pranking people or trolling them was not funny and just plain stupid.

This "prank" comes in the wake of another video from Arieff @arepyong pranking a Starbucks barista at a drive thru by talking in Kelantanese dialect.

Actor and writer Redza Minhat commented that 'it is not even funny and rude. And for those people who thinks its funny then maybe you are stupid (bengap).'

The question here is are we too serious or are we being disrespectful, just to get people attention and validation of 'fame' these days? What say you? Share your comments down below.