Sister raped by brother over two years

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

A teenage girl endured two years of torture when she was raped and sodomised by her 26-year-old brother at their home in Kampung Rahmat, Tapah.

Unable to take it any longer, the victim finally ran away to a relative's house in Slim River and there, lodged a report.

Police said the 17-year-old lodged the report at 12.45pm yesterday.

Apparently, her brother, a lorry attendant had been controlling her life and even stopped her from going to school.

According to The Star, the brother was the eldest of four siblings and had been raping her since 2017.

The siblings have no parents and the suspect would rape the victim when the two other brothers were not at home.

The victim was afraid to tell anyone as the brother had threatened her not to give her food or money.

The victim had since been taken to the Slim River Hospital and later sent to the Teluk Intan Hospital for further checks.

The suspect has been detained and will be remanded.