A boy murders his mom for killing his dog

The 13-year-old boy hacked his mother to death

By Huzraifah Atikah

No one could probably understand what this boy is going through now. 

In China, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for murdering his own mother because she killed his dog. 

The boy named Shao Fuming hacked his 37-year-old mother to death with a cleaver at their home in Jiangsu province following an argument about his beloved dog. 

One of their neighbours said the mother who was identified as Yang Yan had been very strict with her son. 

Last Saturday, Shao was playing with his dog and it angered his mother so much that she threw the dog to its death.

“His mother thought he played with the pet all day long, so she killed it in front of him” said the neighbour.

The South China Morning Post reports, Yang killed the dog as her way of disciplining her son.

Jianhu police said Shao was angry with Yang's disciplining methods and there was a fierce argument between them.

Something snapped within the devastated boy, who then picked up a cleaver and hacked his mother to death. 

When police arrived at the scene, they found Yang’s body and Shao were nowhere to be seen. 

Police later found Shao at a 24-hour restaurant on Monday morning after he sat there for more than a day.

The restaurant staff said he had his school bag with him and only ordered a cup of water to eat it with biscuits that he had brought.

Under Chinese law, children under the age of 14 cannot be held criminally responsible. 

Those between 14 and 16 years can be arrested and charged for offenses such as murder, robbery and rape.  

Juvenile correctional facilities only accept teenagers aged between 14 and 18 years.

According to Shao's neighbour, the boy's father is a migrant worker who spent most of the year away from home. 

The news spread on social media and some netizens who commented on this matter said: