2 yrs old down syndrome boy abandoned

The boy's father is given a week

By Huzraifah Atikah

Raising a disabled child is not an easy task and many parents need help in dealing with the situation. 

Some parents just do not know how to handle it and some seek the easy way out as seen in this recent case in Klang.

A two-year-old boy Li Shunqiang, who was born with down syndrome and asthma, had been left in the care of a nanny for over a year.  

The 35-year-old father Li Dewen is a local who married a Vietnamese woman. However, the couple divorced after Shunqiang was born and the mother has since returned to Vietnam.

The boy has been under the care of the nanny and her husband Wong Yuchun, 57.

Wong said he and his wife have contacted the boy’s father plenty of times but he refused to take the child back.

“I told him he can’t leave the child in my house forever, at which point he promised he would take him home. After a while he stopped returning our calls and never even called to ask about his son,” Wong said.  

It became clear that the father doesn't intend to take the boy back because when Wong called him during Chinese New Year, the father started to verbally abuse them. 

Wong told the father if he refused to collect his son, they will send him to an orphanage or welfare centre. 

The father then demanded that Wong and his wife continue taking care of his son and even asked them to have a coffin prepared if the child dies.

This is upsetting because Wong and his wife have tried their best to take care of the boy and have spent money to cover the boy’s expenses such as on diapers and milk powder. 

But both of them are also struggling financially as one of them is a retiree and the other has no source of income.

Additionally, they also have grandchildren of their own to care of. 

This case has since been brought to the attention of Pandamaran state assemblyman Leong Tuck Chee, in hopes that it will encourage the boy’s father to bring him home once and for all.

Leong is giving the father a week to contact his office and if there is still no word from him by then, the boy will be placed in the care of the Welfare Department.

Hopefully, the boy’s father will come to take his child back. 

YC hopes the boy receives the love and care that he deserves.