No reason to turn every issue into a racial one

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By YC Reader

While the fiance of deceased fireman, Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim still mourns the loss of her dear one, there are those irresponsible individuals trying to spin the entire tragedy into a racial issue to meet their own interests.

It is sad that these people are not interested in finding out the truth behind the fireman's death, but more keen on making it a racial issue and create problems.

These people should let the inquest do it's job and not try throwing a spanner into the works.

Muhammad Adib's death should not be made into a political issue to stir up trouble and those who know what happened should come forward and reveal the truth.

I am sure his fiance and those dear to him want to know what really happened and not be angry with certain individuals who may not have been responsible at all.

I really cannot understand why these people love turning everything into a racial issues - are they trying to recreate another May 13 and want to see more people die?

If a wrong has been done, then justice must be served, regardless of what race the victim and suspect are - that is the bottom line.

No case should be treated differently just because there is an Indian, Chinese or Malay involved. We are all Malaysians and subject equally to the laws of the country.