Man in US nabbed after trying to have sexual intercourse with cat

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

A man in Arizona, United States got his penis stuck in a cat's anus after he allegedly tried to have sex with the animal.

Michael Navage, 40 was arrested on March 20 after a caller reported to the police that a cat’s screams were heard from his temporary residence.

One of the witnesses heard the suspect screaming “it’s stuck to my penis,” and calling the cat a “wh*re” and shouting “stop sh*tting.”

The police then called Navage, who said that he was only drying his cat off with a towel.

The man denied that he was trying to have sexual intercourse with the cat, saying that he loves his pet as he has had him since it was a kitten.

According to reports in Asia News Network, Navage also explained that it would have been “impossible” to have sex with the cat because “the girth of his penis is too large for him to penetrate the cat’s anus.”

In an x-ray examination of the cat, it was reported that there was “tearing around the surface of the anus as well as superficial wounds, small cuts around the anus area.”

The police also found bags of crystal meth, a fake 100-dollar bill and credit cards, IDs and checks with different names in the man’s apartment. The suspect admitted that he was selling the illegal substance “for a room and a shower.”

Navage is now facing multiple charges, including bestiality, animal cruelty, forgery and possession of illegal substances.