PhD for an RM8,000 donation

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

We have all heard of fake degrees and how easily they can be obtained here.

Recently, a local private university was found giving out honorary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees for just an RM8,000 donation.

According to reports in Berita Harian, once the "donation" was made, the honorary doctorate would be given out at a ceremony held in a four star hotel.

To date, up to 35 people have been convinced to make the donation.

Also, the university claims to have international recognition and linked to a global voluntary initiative which is supportive of the United Nations.

It also claims to have branches in India and Switzerland.

Checks revealed that the university merely operated from an office in the outskirts of the Shah Alam Industrial Area, without a campus or even students.

The university was also not listed with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).