Malaysian girl in Sarawak been waiting 9 years for citizenship

Image from YouTube

By John Isaac

The future is uncertain for 19-year-old Rachel Sia - an adopted girl from Sibu, Sarawak.

Soon after her birth in 1999, Rachel was adopted by Peter Sia and Lau Kui Fua, making her their legal daughter.

However, her birth certificate did not state the name of her biological parents and as they were not traceable, the National Registration Department cancelled it when she turned 12-years-old.

When she was eventually issued with a new birth certificate with the names of her legal parents, she encountered all kinds of problems.

For one, she could not sit for her SPM as she was unable to get a MyKad.

In total, her parents have sent in four applications to the NRD, the latest in 2017.

Over and again, the NRD told them to wait and they have been waiting for nine long years.

Her mother has repeatedly recorded tearful messages to the government, but nothing has been done to help her.

"We do not know what else to do. She was born here and is a Malaysian. Please have mercy on her and let her lead a normal life," appealed her mother.

Her parents are now also appealing to the state and federal governments for assistance.

Rachel is a pianist and has dreams of making it big internationally.

Hope the NRD can seriously look into this and not deny this Malaysian girl her future.