Wives to be blamed if husbands watch porn?

An entrepreneur using the wrong method to market her lingerie product

By Huzraifah Atikah

Nobody should ever feel like they need to be responsible for other’s actions, especially when it involves a crime such as rape or incest.   

However, one woman entrepreneur felt otherwise when she said wives were partly responsible if their husbands watch porn. 

In a video that has since gone viral, the entrepreneur said women are also to be blamed for their husbands’ unspeakable acts. 

The entrepreneur named Umirah Taib, founder of Le Maream Lingerie, posted the video on her IGTV.

Umirah’s video went viral after a user @Michellelanious posted it on Twitter, which gained over 5,000 retweets. Watch the video here

@Michellelanious highlighted a snippet of Umirah’s video, where she said: “We cannot blame our husband 100% for watching porn. The blame actually falls on us, women are at least 30% to 50% to blame. It means we haven’t been helping them satisfy their needs. We can help them,” she said.

The mother of four continues saying: “If there are stories about a grandfather raping his granddaughter, my first impression is, I cannot put 100% blame on the grandfather.

“Maybe the grandfather is married to the grandmother, but she is not like she used to be, and the grandfather satisfied his lust by watching porn and…” she said.

“That is why, we as wives, we have a lot of responsibilities. As we get older, the challenges get harder. We have to accept this.” Umirah said. 

@Michellelanious posted a story thread on twitter regarding Umirah’s video statement on rape and incest, saying that it could mislead people especially her followers. 

It is clear that Umirah has many followers who also backed her up for her over the statements.

Several angry netizens also commented on the story thread, saying that it is wrong for her to act like a marriage counsellor as she does not have any qualifications for it. 

Umirah then responded to a DM on her IG asking her to delete the video but she snapped back saying:

Netizens also said her marketing strategy has gone overboard because it seems like the advice she has been giving her followers smacks of asking women to be 100% submissive to their husbands. 

However, Umirah yesterday posted another statement and pinned it on her Twitter. 

So, what do you think of this matter? Whose side are you on - Umirah or @Michellelanious?