A poem for Pakatan Harapan

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By YC Reader

A Poem for Pakatan Harapan

Dear Pakatan

We believed in you, we trusted you and had faith in you

We voted you in, hoping for changes for the better

You gave us hope, promised us a greater future

We had enough and opened our arms for a cleaner, happier tomorrow

Days passed, then weeks, months and now a year

We waited, we hoped and we prayed

But alas, all we saw were outbursts, power struggles, accusations, pointless, meaningless statements

Hope filtered day by day, but yet, we continued to pray

Do not fail us please, dear Pakatan

Set aside differences, personality clashes and craze for power

We need progress, development, dreams and a future for our kids

Ignore not your promises and the hope the nation had, that great day in May last year

A Malaysian